Solving the Care Crisis

Solving the Care Crisis

“National care crisis” is becoming a household term. Even though a care crisis existed long before the pandemic, the last few years have brought it all to light, causing a new boost of interest and energy in the childcare sector.  As the CEO of a more traditional nanny agency and someone who’s been in this industry for 17 years, it is very exciting to hear about all of the new start-ups, new ideas, and new leaders coming into the space. 

I recently attended a webinar hosted by Blessing Adesiyan from MH Work Life, including speakers from and NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). I was inspired by the new voices and faces saying a similar message that I have been shouting for years (but have felt that no one has heard me): Child care is the backbone of our economy. 

Eliminating the gender wage gap, providing affordable childcare solutions to working parents, and allowing women to reach their full potential is when, I believe, our country will start to operate at full tilt. We can start by eliminating the biases and inequities and creating a work culture that celebrates women leaders and work-family balance. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but it also will benefit everybody’s bottom line.

I am eager to get to know newcomers to the industry and see if an opportunity exists to work together to solve this fundamental problem. With so many smart, motivated business owners, I feel that the solution must be near.  The amount of collaboration I heard about during that webinar was inspiring.  It gave me hope that meaningful progress is on the way for women in the workforce, child care, family life, community life, and ultimately our national health and economy.

If you are interested in collaborating on ways to help solve the childcare crisis, please reach out.
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As women gain rights, families flourish, and so do societies. That connection is built on a simple truth: Whenever you include a group that’s been excluded, you benefit everyone. And when you’re working globally to include women and girls, who are half of every population, you’re working to benefit all members of every community. Gender equity lifts everyone. Women’s rights and society’s health and wealth rise together.
― Melinda Gates, The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World