Long-term Placements

The Nanny Network has developed a proven system of recruiting, screening and placing safe and dependable full-time and part-time nannies, family assistants and private educators with families in the Baltimore and Washington, DC metropolitan areas. Countless families have utilized our services and the number of families and caregivers that return to us speaks to our successful track record and the trust that we earn with each constituent. We pride ourselves on the relationships that we have built with our clients, our caregivers and within the industry.

Our Long-term Placements division is headed up by Kelly Gregory and encompasses any search that has a job duration of 2 months or more and places:

    • Full-time live-out nannies for 2 months or more
    • Part-time live-out nannies for 2 months or more
    • Newborn care for 2 months or more (Concierge Service only)
    • Family Assistants (child care professionals who assist with family laundry, family meals, errands, and general household organization) (Concierge Service only) – Best for families with children already attending preschool or older
    • Sidekicks (who provide laundry service, errand service, and household management service) – Please note that Sidekicks do not provide childcare, heavy cleaning or transport children (Concierge Service only)
    • Private Educators via our School@Home program (Concierge Service only)
    • Shared care (involving one candidate and two families who have already found each other and decided they’d like to share a household employee)

Our clients have the choice of two different placement packages when pursuing a long-term search. Both packages support our mission-critical purpose of referring safe, vetted child care professionals to families in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. communities.

Classic Service… Safe and Simple

Our Classic Service is designed for those families who want access to our experienced candidates who have successfully completed our in-depth screening process. This service is for those families who choose a more “do-it-yourself” style when selecting the right candidate and establishing a solid working relationship.  The service includes 60-minutes of consultation time with our Placement Team, along with detailed applications and verified references for relevant nanny candidates who are referred to you based on your job description. Once you have decided which candidate is the best fit for your family, we will conduct a background check and provide you with a portfolio of hiring tools that are integral in establishing a strong and healthy relationship with your new household employee.

This package involves a $350 non-refundable retainer to initiate the process. A placement fee equal to 15% of the gross annual salary is then due if you hire a candidate that we have referred to you. If you need additional phone, text, or e-mail support (during or after your search) beyond the 60-minutes that is included in the Classic package, additional consulting services are available at a rate of $75.00 per hour.

Please note that our Classic Service includes nanny searches only (no family assistant, Sidekick, newborn care, or private educator searches).

Concierge Service… Safe and Sound

Our Concierge Service is designed for those families who desire the convenience, experience and expertise of our Placement team. As a Concierge client, you will be assigned a Placement Consultant who will be your partner throughout your search to ensure that all of your questions are answered and the process is made as simple for you as possible. Your Placement Consultant will lead you through the initial consultation during which you will review the nuts and bolts of the search and hiring process. You will also discuss your position in detail to ensure that your Consultant can carefully match and refer only those candidates who are a strong possibility for your family. Once you have time to review the candidates who have been referred to you, you will then schedule interviews (including a working interview) with your top candidates and be on your way to making one of the most important hiring decisions you’ll ever make! After each referral and interview, your Consultant will be in touch to collect your feedback on the candidates which is critical to a successful placement.

Our Concierge Service involves getting to know closely both the families and the candidates in order to make the best match. The service is customized for each client with the goal of minimizing the stress and uncertainty that can come with hiring a household employee. Our personal touch and genuine desire to help our clients find the right fit sets us apart from the rest.

The Concierge Service requires a $350 non-refundable retainer in order to start the process. That retainer is then applied to the Placement Fee which is due at the time of hire. The Placement Fee is equal to 18% of the candidate’s total gross annual salary and comes with a 6-month replacement policy.

The Concierge Service includes nanny, family assistant, newborn care and private educator searches.



Please complete our application to start the process.


Our Classic Service includes a 60-minute consult which can be utilized at any point during the search and placement process. Once the 60-minutes is reached, additional support is available at a rate of $75.00 per hour.

The Concierge Service includes unlimited guidance and support, starting with a client consultation and application review.  Upon completing the online application, your Placement Consultant will contact you to go through the details of your position along with a step-by-step explanation of how the referral and hiring process will work.

**We suggest parents plan for a long-term search to take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on what you’re looking for.**


The Nanny Network takes its role in your nanny search very seriously. We are not concerned with how many placements we make, but instead with the quality of those placements. It is not unusual for us to counsel a family against hiring a candidate if we feel that it would not be a good, long-term fit. We will remain in contact with you after you have hired to make sure things are going well!

Depending on which level of service you choose, your replacement policy (for a 100% credit, provided the job description has not changed) will be either 90-days (Classic Service) or 180-days (Concierge Service). If your position is for 1 year or less, then the period is shortened to 30 days (Classic Service) or 60 days (Concierge Service). In order to validate either policy, families are required to have a written “Nanny/Family Agreement” – a valuable hiring and retention tool. The replacement policies and Nanny/Family Agreement are provided by the agency when a family enlists our services.

Please contact us if you have any general questions, or if you prefer, click here to schedule a 15-minute consultation with Gris! We look forward to working with you to find the best candidate for your family!

The Nanny Network has several advantages over most online child care services:

Benefits and Services The Nanny Network, LLC Online Listing Service
Pre-screened Candidates (in-depth interviews, reference checks, job history, criminal background check) Yes No
Personal, Professional Service (detailed needs assessment, candidate matching, interview analysis) Yes No
Time-efficient/No weeding out necessary Yes No
Full Suite of Background Checks Yes Some
Trustworthy, Experienced Agency (long-standing members of APNA and INA) Yes No
Track Record/History within the Community (founded in 1995) Yes No
Local Knowledge and Hiring Expertise Yes No
Household Employment Guidance (financial, tax, legal, benefits, Nanny Family Agreement, etc.) Yes Some
Ongoing Support (temp services and continual advisement given our extensive understanding of our clients’ family dynamics including School@Home services) Yes No