All of a sudden, with stay-at-home orders in place, families are faced with the daunting task of fulfilling their normal work obligations in addition to having to homeschool their children. This can leave parents feeling overwhelmed and overworked. It is difficult enough to stay focused on your own work while working at home, on top of trying to ensure that your children’s education does not suffer. This can lead to a lot of stress and pressure on parents and, in the end, is not a realistic, long-term solution.

This serious dilemma led to the recent creation and launch of our School @ Home program. Our School@Home “eLearning Aides” are professional child care providers, many with an education background, who can add valuable time back in to your day by assuming the role of “teacher”. The Nanny Network’s roster of caregivers includes many who possess a strong desire to help families along with the patience and experience to engage children in a fun learning environment.

Connecting online using a Zoom format, our eLearning Aides know how to make children feel at ease and can help keep them organized and on task with their daily assignments! All while building smiles and fun into the process.


We have found the following dynamics lead to the most successful School@Home sessions and therefore strongly recommend that each family has:

  1. A strong internet connection
  2. A quiet place where your child can work with an e-learning aid, relatively free of distractions
  3. A designated laptop/computer or tablet that your child can use
  4. A set of headphones that your child can wear
  5. An effective way to share your child’s schedule and assignments


During these tough economic times, we are waiving the $150 membership fee that is typically required to access member pricing. Therefore, any family who registers for temporary child care services, including School@Home, by June 1, 2020 will not have to pay the membership fee but will still be eligible for member rates.

The member rate for our School@Home program is $27.50 per hour. If 5 or more hours are purchased at once, the price drops to $25.00 per hour, a 20% savings. Please note there is a one hour minimum for the School@Home program.

We have found that this program works best for children ages 6-10 and recommend individual session times of 1-2 hours, depending on the age of the child and the amount of material to cover.

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