eLearning Aides

Our virtual eLearning Aides represent some of the best and brightest child care specialists in the area. They are eager to help bring you peace of mind and to set your child(ren) up for academic success.

Connecting online using a Zoom format, our eLearning Aides know how to make learning fun through a computer screen. They can help keep your child(ren) organized with their school work and on task with their assignments! All while building smiles and giggles into the process.

We have found the following dynamics lead to the most successful eLearning Aide sessions:

  1. A strong internet connection
  2. A quiet place where your child can work with an eLearning aid, relatively free of distractions
  3. A designated laptop/computer or tablet that your child can use
  4. A set of headphones that your child can wear
  5. An effective way to share your child’s schedule and assignments

Our eLearning Aide services fall under The Nanny Network’s short-term placement services.

We recommend eLearning Aide services for children ages 5 and up. Individual session times of 1-2 hours (and a maximum of 4 hours) are advised, depending on the age of the child and the amount of material to cover.

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