Parents have been dealt a rough hand during the pandemic when trying to meet their child(ren)’s needs, especially when it comes to their education. This has left many parents feeling overwhelmed and overworked.

This serious dilemma led to the launch of our School@Home program in April 2020.

Our School@Home program is two-fold, combining the efforts of our eLearning Aides and our in-home Private Educators who represent some of the best and brightest child care specialists in the area. They are eager to help bring you peace of mind and to set your child(ren) up for academic success, whether in your home or online.

These academic support offerings are now available as part of our family care benefits package for companies who are interested in providing this type of support for their employees.

Private Educators

Our Private Educators are in-home care providers who possess a strong teaching background and can provide an advanced level of academic support to your child’s school year. Many of them are current or past teachers (whether classroom and/or homeschool), tutors, and/or professional nannies with a knack for teaching. All of our Private Educators have a college degree, many with a degree (certification) in Education.

Many families are interested in sharing a Private Educator to create a learning pod which can help to keep costs down and allow for some limited, safe social interaction. The Nanny Network encourages family pairs (two family maximum), who already know each other, to register together to create a customized learning pod for this unique school year.

Our Private Educators can be hired on a long-term temporary or permanent basis. Our Private Educators are available for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Click here to review the fees for our School@Home program.

If you’re interested in hiring a Private Educator on a permanent basis to ensure consistency for your family, let our Concierge placement team do the work of vetting and introducing you to short list of qualified candidates, while also guiding you on tax, legal, pay and benefit information along the way. An agency fee of 18% of the Private Educator’s gross annual salary is charged in addition to the salary you pay directly to the Private Educator. The range of pay for a Private Educator is $25.00-50.00 per hour depending on the candidate’s experience and education, as well as the number of children, their grade levels, duties, and the level of flexibility required.

eLearning Aides

Connecting online using a Zoom format, our eLearning Aides know how to make learning fun through a computer screen. They can help keep your child(ren) organized with their school work and on task with their assignments! All while building smiles and giggles into the process.

We have found the following dynamics lead to the most successful eLearning Aide sessions:

  1. A strong internet connection
  2. A quiet place where your child can work with an eLearning aid, relatively free of distractions
  3. A designated laptop/computer or tablet that your child can use
  4. A set of headphones that your child can wear
  5. An effective way to share your child’s schedule and assignments

Our eLearning Aide services fall under The Nanny Network’s Temporary placement services. In keeping with these services, an annual membership fee of $150 is due at sign up. This membership fee provides year-long access to reduced member rates for all of The Nanny Network’s services including School@Home, in-home back-up child care, and Sidekick (including grocery shopping, meal prep and delivery).

Click here to review the fees for our School@Home program.

We recommend eLearning Aide services for children ages 5 and up. Individual session times of 1-2 hours (and a maximum of 4 hours) are advised, depending on the age of the child and the amount of material to cover.

NOTE: Current demand is high – Rates are starting at $30/hr.

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