Caregiver Requirements and Screening Process


Any nanny, household manager or educator that is placed through The Nanny Network must complete our rigorous 8-step vetting process. This process includes strict minimum requirements along with a personal interview and reference verification. Our vetting process is an important distinction between our service and other current online child care companies.


    1. Experience Requirements. Child care providers who are placed through The Nanny Network must have at least 2 years of recent professional child care experience, and verifiable “non-relative” references. Educators, on the other hand, must have experience as a teacher (whether classroom and/or homeschool), tutor, and/or professional nanny experience which involved advanced homework help. All of our Private Educators have a college degree, many with a degree (certification) in Education. Our eLearning Aides have teaching experience but are not required to have a bachelors degree.
    2. Comprehensive Application: Candidates are required to complete an extensive application and questionnaire.
    3. Online Pre-Screen: Once a candidate completes an application and meets our minimum requirements, an online “pre-screen” is done (including the National Sex Offender Registry)
    4. Initial Phone Screen: Our first “live” contact with a candidate is through a brief phone screen used to ask questions to ensure there’s a basic understanding on both sides and everyone is on the same page.
    5. Personal Interview: The Nanny Network conducts a personal face-to-face interview with all candidates.  Because of our many years of experience in interviewing and placing nannies, we are able to identify red flags.
    6. References Personally Verified: References are personally verified and documented by The Nanny Network which are then provided to you at the time of referral.
    7. Thorough Background Check: Candidates are hired conditionally, pending the outcome of a background investigation. We recommend delaying the first day of employment until the background check has been completed. We work with a private investigating service to conduct, at a minimum, a thorough search of each candidate’s criminal conviction record in counties where they have resided for the past seven years. This includes verification of the social security number and an address trace. However, our concierge-level service includes additional screening options, including a driving record and a drug test (which are also available for classic-level clients a la carte).
    8. Agency Training/Orientation: Before candidates are fully activated within our system, each candidate must complete a detailed training and orientation where our process and expectations are thoroughly reviewed. The candidates must pass their training by successfully answering a list of questions at the end of the course.