Thank you for your interest in The Nanny Network! Are you in Baltimore, DC, or Richmond? We are always on the look-out for warm, caring, professional people who are interested in child care, private education, or household assistance.
Full-time Nannies $15-25/hr.*
Temp Nannies $15-20/hr.*
Family Assistants $18-25/hr.*
eLearning Aides $15+/hr.*
Private Educators $23-50/hr.*
Household Help $18-30/hr.*
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*Hourly rates vary depending on job location and details
Details about the Types of Jobs
We offer in-home nanny work, online educational support services, and in-home family assistant jobs. We offer temporary jobs and permanent jobs. Our new online platform allows for you to manage your agency experience – soup to nuts – via your own personal dashboard, including reporting your hours, reviewing available job listings, updating your work history, and tracking your job history and family connections.

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Details about Salary and Compensation Salaries – Nannies

The average salary range for permanent nanny positions in Baltimore is between $15-20 per hour, pre-tax. The hourly rate for permanent nanny positions in the Washington, D.C., area is between $16-22 per hour, pre-tax. There are lots of variables to be considered, and every family is different. You will negotiate your salary directly with the family. We are available to help both you and the family through this process.

Salaries – Family Assistants

Family assistants are hired on a part-time and full-time basis to help with school-aged children and household management. The average salary range for permanent positions in Baltimore is between $18-23 per hour, pre-tax. The hourly rate for permanent positions in the Washington, D.C. area is between $20-25 per hour, pre-tax. These positions require the completion of our agency training program.

Who is my employer?

You will be hired and employed directly by the family. The Nanny Network is a referral service for permanent jobs and does not employ you. We will make every effort to help you find suitable employment, but cannot guarantee it.

We have compiled a list of additional resources on other topics related to finding a nanny job.

Compensation for Temporary Jobs

Depending on the family that you do temporary work for through our agency, you might be paid directly by us through our payroll system or directly by the family. The hourly rate for temporary work depends on your experience, the type of job (nanny or family assistant) and the location of the job. Generally, temporary nanny (parent-paid) jobs in the Baltimore area pay between $15-20 per hour, jobs in the Washington, D.C. area pay $16-22 per hour, and jobs in the Richmond area pay $13-15 per hour. If you work a corporate back-up care (agency-paid) job and are paid through our payroll system, the agency will make appropriate withholdings for federal, state and other taxes, as required by law. The hourly rates for corporate back-up child care jobs are flat at $15 per hour in Baltimore, $16 per hour in Washington, DC and $13 per hour in Richmond.

For temporary family assistant jobs in Baltimore (parent-paid), the hourly rate is $18+ per hour. For temporary assistant jobs in Washington, D.C., the hourly rate is $20+ per hour.

Testimonials “I have worked with The Nanny Network for a number of years and have always found them to be very helpful, caring and understanding of my needs and also the family’s needs who are looking for caregivers. They are a great agency to work for and I have always gotten a lot of assignments through them, sometimes having to turn down some as I have been booked constantly. I am very proud to say I call The Nanny Network my friends.” -Sylvia L.

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