Types of Nanny Jobs and Your Steps

Thank you for your interest in The Nanny Network! The Nanny Network is always on the look-out for warm, caring experienced professionals who are interested in either permanent or temporary child care work; work as an educator; and/or a household assistant. We are proud of the relationships we develop with our candidates and genuinely care about making the best matches possible.

Below you will find a description of the different types of jobs we offer, including in-home nanny and private educator work, online tutoring positions, newborn care, and in-home family assistant jobs. We offer temporary jobs and permanent jobs. Our new online platform allows for you to manage your agency experience – soup to nuts – via your own personal dashboard, including reporting your hours, reviewing available job listings, updating your work history, and tracking your job history and family connections.

Temporary Jobs

The Nanny Network works closely with families in the Baltimore and Washington, DC metropolitan areas to help them find the best care for their children, whether they need:

  1. A newborn care specialist or night nanny
  2. A date night sitter
  3. Back-up or temporary child care (ranging from 1-day to 2-months)
  4. After school nannies
  5. A tutor through our School@Home program (including online and in-home opportunities)
  6. A summer nanny 
  7. A family assistant (offering a hybrid of child care and household management responsibilities)

With the exception of our School@Work program that requires a 1-2 hour commitment, you will need at least three full days of weekday availability to be considered for temporary work. Job seekers who meet our minimum requirements and are interested in temping for the agency must complete an application, provide references, and successfully complete a face-to-face interview which can be done virtually. Once your references have been verified, you pass a comprehensive background investigation, and complete our orientation/training, you will be eligible for temporary child care assignments and entered into our scheduling platform that will notify you of available jobs. As of January 1, 2022, all of our temporary positions involve being paid by the agency, through our payroll company.

Our temporary family assistant jobs involve helping a family with household tasks in addition to helping with the children. You may be asked to run errands, go grocery shopping, do some laundry and possibly prepare dinner. You may also be asked to help with homework! These jobs typically are with families with school-aged children or younger children who attend daycare. Family assistant jobs pay a higher hourly rate and require completion of our agency (Sidekick) training program.

Our eLearning Aide and Private Educator positions require teaching experience. In these roles, you will be asked to provide academic coaching and organizational support to younger students who need the structure, accountability and attention of a designated educator. Our eLearning Aide sessions are conducted through a Zoom screen. Our Private Educator sessions take place in a family’s home.

Long-term Jobs

If it’s a long-term temp (2+ months) or a permanent (12+ months) nanny position or a private educator opportunity that you’re looking for, then look no further.  We work closely with candidates to find their ideal job and will refer qualified candidates who complete our 8-step vetting process to families in the Baltimore and Washington, DC metropolitan areas who are looking for more regular care.

We also place full-time and part-time family assistants in long-term, ongoing positions. Family assistant positions involve some child care, typically of school-aged children, but incorporate household management as well. Common duties asked of a family assistant include family laundry, grocery shopping, errands, simple meal planning and preparation, and other household organization. Driving carpools and kids to activities is also part of the job description as well. If you’re interested in family assistant work, you must successfully complete our agency (Sidekick) training program.

It’s important to us that the job be a good fit, not only for the hiring family, but for the candidate as well. To summarize the long-term placement (i.e., 2+ months or longer) process:

    • Candidates fill out an application, including job history, professional child care and/or teaching references and questionnaire
    • Candidates are interviewed by The Nanny Network and must meet two times with a member of our  Recruiting team.
    • If the phone screen + interview go well, the Nanny Network verifies the candidate’s references
    • Candidates then review our active job listings via their online candidate dashboard, review the requirements and apply for positions of interest
    • Candidates will be contacted by interested parent(s) via email to set up a phone interview
    • If interested, parent(s) will follow up with candidate to schedule a personal interview
    • If things continue to go well, parent(s) will invite candidate for a working interview
    • Family makes an offer to candidate – complete and sign the Offer Checklist
    • Complete and sign the Nanny/Family Agreement
    • Completion of background check
    • Completion of Infant/Child CPR training
    • You’re off to new heights in your new job!

Once we have processed your application, you can review our available job listings in your dashboard and reach out to our placement team with any questions.  You will likely also be contacted by a member of our staff if we consider you a fit for a job you haven’t yet reviewed. You may be interested in one job, or several. Assuming the qualifications are a match, the Nanny Network will refer you to the families you are interested in interviewing with. We will do all we can to help you find a position where you will enjoy job satisfaction, mutual respect, professionalism, and day-to-day fulfillment.

After a family reviews your application, they will likely e-mail you to schedule a phone screen and/or to schedule a face-to-face interview. Most families will meet you at their homes, but some will choose another location (which could include Zoom these days!). If your initial interview goes well, you may be asked back for a working interview (which would be in-person). This will allow for some additional interaction with the children, and you should be paid for your time.

During the interview process, we keep open communication with you to help ensure your questions are answered. The Nanny Network will continue to make you aware of new opportunities as they come in. Please let us know if you are interested in temp work while you are looking for a new position!


Unless otherwise stated by the family, “permanent” positions will require a minimum of a one-year commitment. Short-term or long-term temporary positions may require anywhere from a one-day to an eleven-month commitment.

We provide our families with a work agreement to complete with their nannies, family assistants or private educators. This agreement is mutual and simply outlines what you are agreeing to do for the family and vice versa. It allows for up-front, clear communication and addresses many issues that are often overlooked until they become a problem. It also discusses salary, vacation, house rules, job responsibilities, emergency protocols, etc.

We find that a clear understanding of expectations and good communication are vital components of a good relationship with your employer and makes it easier to fulfill a commitment.


Our requirements for a nanny include two (2) years of recent professional childcare experience, multiple (non-relative) references that can be verified, the ability to work legally in the US and in most cases have a car. Nannies are required to become certified in infant and child CPR. You may also be asked to submit to drug testing at the agency’s request. Since each family has individual needs, we rely on the family to give us their own specific criteria on their “ideal” nanny, and then do our best to match nannies with their own “ideal” family.

Our Private Educators requirements include a strong teaching background and an ability to provide an advanced level of academic support, structure, and consistency to a child’s school year. We are looking for teachers, current or past (whether classroom and/or homeschool), tutors, and/or professional nannies with a knack and history of helping with homework. All Private Educators must also have a college degree, with a degree (certification) in Education preferred.

    • Comprehensive Application: Candidates are required to complete an extensive application and questionnaire.
    • Personal Interview: The Nanny Network interviews all candidates – in most cases personally – and routinely over Zoom or Skype since March 2020.
    • References Personally Verified: References are personally verified by The Nanny Network.
    • Thorough Background Check: Candidates are hired conditionally, pending the outcome of a criminal background investigation, including verification of date of birth and social security number.