Salary and Compensation

Temporary Nanny Care

Compensation for Short-term Temporary Jobs

Short-term temporary jobs are extremely popular among our nannies given the flexibility it allows. These jobs are paid through the Nanny Network payroll system, and therefore, the agency will make appropriate withholdings for federal, state and other taxes, as required by law. However, with the addition of our Same Day Pay benefit (see below) you can get paid within minutes of completing a job. The hourly rates for back-up child care and babysitting jobs start out at $17.00+ per hour (pre-tax) in Baltimore, $18.00+ per hour in Washington, DC, and $17.00+ per hour in Richmond. The Nanny Network also offers a quarterly caregiver raise program for our best performers where a $0.50-1.00 per hour raise is available every 3 months for outstanding performance.

For temporary family assistant or Sidekick jobs in Baltimore (agency-paid), the hourly rate is $18.00+ per hour. For temporary assistant and Sidekick jobs in Washington, D.C., the hourly rate is $20.00+ per hour.

Our eLearning Aides and Private Educators can earn anywhere between $18-25 per hour (pre-tax) depending on their location and experience.  

Same Day Pay

We launched our Same Day Pay benefit in August 2022 for our temp nannies and were the first nanny agency in history to do so! Since then we have seen a significant increase in the amount of jobs our short-term care providers are interested in, given the speed in which caregivers can get paid. Gone are the days of having to wait to get paid until the next payroll cycle.  

Have you heard about our Nanny Specialist program?

The Nanny Network now offers a full-time job opportunity for caregivers who enjoy being part of a team of dedicated child care providers and helping loads of families in the process! Caregivers can join our team as a Nanny Specialist, earning $18.00-22.00 per hour (for a guaranteed 30+ hours per week) depending on experience and location. Nanny Specialists enjoy the flexibility of taking time off whenever needed (although we ask that you provide us with two weeks notice). Nanny Specialists also enjoy guaranteed hours, benefits, professional development and community, too! Do you have a solid chunk of time you’re looking to fill with rewarding work? Come work with us until you need to move on to your next adventure. 

Ongoing Nanny Care

Full-time and Part-time Jobs

Salaries – Nannies

The average salary range for long-term nanny positions in Baltimore is between $22-30 per hour, pre-tax. The hourly rate for long-term nanny positions in the Washington, D.C., area is between $25-35 per hour, pre-tax. There are lots of variables to be considered, and every family is different. You will negotiate your salary directly with the family (for all long-term positions). We are available to help both you and the family through this process.

Salaries – Family Assistants

Family assistants are hired on a part-time and full-time basis to help with school-aged children and household management. The average salary range for permanent positions in Baltimore is between $28-35 per hour, pre-tax. The hourly rate for long-term temp and permanent positions in the Washington, D.C. area is between $30-40 per hour, pre-tax. These positions require the completion of our Sidekick training program.

Salaries – Private Educators

Private Educators are hired on a part-time and full-time basis to help school-aged children set themselves up for academic success. The average salary range for long-term positions in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.  is between $25-60 per hour, pre-tax. These positions require a bachelor’s degree and teaching experience (in a classroom, homeschool, as a tutor), a degree in Education, or a teaching certificate.

Who is my employer?

For long-term placements only, you will be hired and employed directly by the family (if you are working for 2 months or more). The Nanny Network is a referral service for long-term temporary and permanent jobs and does not employ caregivers in these positions. We will make every effort to help you find suitable employment, but please understand we cannot guarantee it.

We have compiled a list of additional resources on other topics related to finding a nanny job.

Newborn Care 

Newborn Care Specialists

A Newborn Care Specialist is an in-home childcare provider trained specifically on the care of newborn babies that are generally 16 weeks old or younger. These providers are equipped to work independently and handle nearly all of your newborn’s in-home care needs.  

Night Nannies

A Night Nanny is an in-home child care provider with credible experience caring for newborns but is not necessarily trained. Typically, night nannies will work closely with parents and take their direction on how they want to set up the care for their newborn’s needs.

Post Partum Doulas

A Postpartum Doula’s is focused on supporting the entire family following the birth of a baby. Postpartum doulas are trained to help with household chores while also providing education and encouragement to help parents get to a point where they feel comfortable caring for their new baby on their own.

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