COVID-19 Notice

To our valued clients:

We continue to monitor the rapidly changing status of COVID-19 and the ripple effect it is having on our communities. The health of our caregivers and families remains of utmost importance to us. To this end, it is important for us to reinforce that only households with essential workers are eligible for back-up care requests during this time of public safety concern. Moreover, please understand that backup care services for essential workers will not be available if a household member, an individual staying in the home, or an individual present in the household on a regular basis (e.g. nannies, caregivers, home health workers, contractors, etc.) has been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, has traveled outside the state in the last 14 days, or has been in close contact with someone quarantined.

We have informed our caregiver team of the following guidelines but we are not able to personally verify their health status. We are relying on our caregivers to best assess their health and inform us immediately of any concerns.

Caregiver Level of Exposure Description Back-up Care Eligibility Status Clearance Criteria
Confirmed Case Diagnosed with COVID-19 Ineligible Proof of medical clearance
First-Degree Contact w/ Confirmed Case High-Risk Exposure to a Confirmed Case within past 14 days:
· Close Proximity: Within 6 feet for even a brief period, or
· Extended Duration: In the same room or floor of building for a period of time that would have provided access to common space and items with a reasonable opportunity to transmit the virus
Ineligible 14 symptom-free days since contact
High-Risk Travel Traveled to a high risk area in the U.S. or internationally within past 14 days Ineligible 14 symptom-free days since contact
  • Directed by health authorities, employer, or school to self-quarantine, or
  • · Lives/works in household with a Quarantined person
Ineligible 14 symptom-free days since contact
High-Risk Second-Degree Exposure High-Risk Exposure (Close Proximity or Extended Duration) to person with First Degree Contact, High Risk Travel, or in Quarantine Ineligible 14 symptom-free days since contact
Low-Risk Second-Degree Exposure
  • Was near person with First Degree Contact, High Risk Travel, or in Quarantine  – but not High-Risk Exposure (Close Proximity or Extended Duration) within the last 14 days
  • Currently symptom-free
Ineligible None required (assuming no symptoms)

It is extremely important that you do NOT submit a back-up care request if you believe you, anyone in your household, or anyone who your family has close contact with is showing symptoms, has been diagnosed and/or has been exposed to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Please also understand that we are implementing a modified cancellation policy during this time of peak demand. Because of all of the requests coming in, we are changing our policy until further notice as follows:

If you book a caregiver and either you or the caregiver cancels, once a booking confirmation has been sent (regardless if we are able to find a replacement or not), you will receive a 100% credit of the applicable booking fees to use toward future bookings (credit is good for 1 year from the date of care that is cancelled). Therefore, no refunds will be issued from cancelled dates of care. We will let you know once our standard cancellation policy (50% refund if cancelled with more than 24 hours notice and no refund if cancelled within 24 hours, 100% refund if caregiver cancels with no replacement)

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we do our best to navigate this trying time. We hope we can put this all behind us soon but in the meantime it is critical that we all stay vigilant in helping to prevent the spread of the virus. Please stay healthy and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.