COVID-19 Notice


The Nanny Network has managed to safely operate since the pandemic began, providing child care to hundreds of families and jobs to hundreds of child care providers. We are proud of this fact and, while there is no way to guarantee that our 0% transmission track record will continue, we look for the same vigilance to carry us safely through this newest phase.

With the national COVID-19 vaccine rollout in full effect, we wanted to address some questions we’ve been receiving from both caregivers and families alike.

In accordance with the Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) announcement on August 23, 2021, the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is now approved for everyday use. At this time (and since the vaccine became available), The Nanny Network is both encouraging and (financially) incentivizing caregivers to get the vaccine (and the booster), offering paid time off for those caregiver employees who choose to go get it and upload their vaccine card.  However, we are not mandating that our caregivers get vaccinated.

When requesting care, be sure to indicate your vaccination preference and we will do our best to find a match. However, keep in mind that a number of Nanny Network caregivers are not vaccinated for medical, religious or other reasons, despite our efforts to incentivize and encourage.  Therefore, if you require a vaccinated caregiver, it will reduce the chance of us being able to arrange care for you, based on the supply and demand. But we promise we will do our best!

For our long-term placement clients, we cannot guarantee we will be able to place a caregiver that is vaccinated although it will be an important part of the job description, and we have successfully placed many vaccinated nannies. If you start a search with us, it is important to understand and acknowledge that it is possible that caregivers may change their mind on this complicated subject, which is out of our control. This is a subject matter that you will need to discuss directly with the candidate who can decide whether or not to disclose this information.

With or without the vaccine, our caregivers continue to follow strict health care policies that we have implemented in accordance with the CDC guidelines to ensure your family’s safety and we ask our families to provide that same consistency, courtesy and transparency.  In addition to daily health screenings for our caregivers, we are still relying on both our caregivers and families to best assess their health and inform us immediately of any concerns. Our mask mandate, in addition to our contact tracing and daily health screenings, provide a critical safety combination in allowing The Nanny Network to continue its work in providing care and support to families during an unprecedented time of need.

With the Omicron variant, we are encouraging nannies and families now more than ever to get fully vaccinated and boosted. If you are not fully vaccinated, it will likely limit our ability to help you.

Important Updates for Families:

Best Efforts and Requirements: Our policy remains unchanged regarding our caregivers’ acceptance of assignments. They are not required to take cases offered to them and retain the right to cancel in the event they have health and/or safety concerns. We will make our best effort to replace your assigned caregiver if a cancellation occurs and do everything we can to provide safe and secure services. 

Policies for our Caregivers:

Case Acceptance Policy: As always, you are not required to take assignments offered to you if you do not wish to work that assignment. However, when you do accept an assignment, we require that you complete our health status survey for every day you are scheduled to work which you will receive via email 24 hours before the start time. We are here to support you in any way that we can.

As stated above, with the rapid onset of the Omicrom variant of COVID-19, many families are requiring some sort of health verification, either full vaccination status or a timely negative test result (administered on your own time and expense). As a result, be aware that an unvaccinated status will significantly impact the amount of work you have access to. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these times of uncertainty, sensitivity and constant change. We will post any updates here.

Take good care,

Dulany R. Dent

President & CEO