Our Core Values

We, at The Nanny Network, are committed to delivering excellence to all of our constituents.  To this end, our team created a list of “core values” that we feel embody the passion, commitment and professionalism that we strive to live by each day.  These core values are ingrained in our company culture and are at the heart of our business and personal decisions.

Be Authentic. Communicate clearly, openly and honestly.

Be Transparent. Nurture relationships and earn trust.

Be Engaged. Give back to your community and provide outstanding service.

Do the Right Thing. Live ethically and humbly.

Achieve Balance. Pursue life goals and personal wellness.

Don’t Settle. Encourage innovation, growth and change.

Learn and Improve. Be accountable, listen, and learn from your mistakes.

Work Hard. Demonstrate expertise and achieve excellence.

Play Hard. Celebrate, laugh and share in the agency adventure!