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We are recruiting for temporary backup care nannies in all service areas Monday-Sunday. Hours vary from 7am onwards for half and full day shifts. Jobs will suit both drivers and non-drivers, subject to area and client. The nanny will be caring for children ranging in age from infants to school age either throughout the day or evening. A great opportunity to work around your own schedule.

Start date: ASAP
Salary: $12-$15 per hour pre-tax subject to location of work (Baltimore vs. DC Metro vs. Richmond)

NANNY NEEDED (Mount Washington, MD)

Accepting Applicants
Mt Washington. Professional couple looking to find a warm and nurturing Nanny for their first baby. The successful applicant will work collaboratively with the parents to establish feeding and sleeping routines. The Nanny will keep the baby on a schedule and have the experience and knowledge to change the schedule in accordance with the baby’s needs as they grow. The couple are looking for someone who truly loves to engage infants in new experiences and once trust is established they would love for the Nanny to visit the library and park and other places of interest. The family have a small and energetic dog who may need letting out into the fenced yard throughout the day. The role will be for 4 days per week, ideally Mon, Weds, Thurs and Fri but could change these for the right person, from 7.45am – 6pm. Start mid Oct, driver with own car (may consider non driver) salary $15-17/hr pre tax.

Start date: Mid Oct 2017
Pets: 1 small dog
Location: Mount Washington, MD
Salary: $15-17 per hour pre tax

NANNY NEEDED (Roland Park, MD)

Accepting Applicants
Roland Park. Professional, busy and energetic family looking to find a Nanny with a structured, organized and energized approach to their work. This family are looking to find a nanny with infant experience to care for their baby due mid October 2017. The family also have 2 pre school aged children who are in a full time program at Bryn Mawr. Care would be needed on occasion for the older children on snow days and school vacations for example. The older children will be taken to and collected from their school (walking distance) by the Father the majority of the time. The family would like for the nanny to embrace structure and routine with regards to sleeping and napping, taking a disciplined approach to the schedule for the infant. The successful applicant will be someone who plans ahead of time, sees what needs doing and demonstrates initiative. The family are strong communicators and would like the same from their nanny. The family describe themselves as high energy, busy and very family orientated. Duties will be children’s laundry, children’s bottle and meal prep, errands associated with the children and the planning of age appropriate activities and experiences for the children. The Father is a Teacher and therefore he has the Summer time off and so the nanny should welcome a tag team approach throughout that time, whereby they may be responsible for the older children or just the baby or all three children. The role will be 5 days a week, M-F from 7.30am – 5.30pm, driver required (may be able to provide car but minimal driving required) salary $15-16 per hour pre tax.

Start date: Dec 2017
Pets: 1 small dog
Location: Roland Park, MD
Salary: $15-16 per hour pre tax

NANNY NEEDED (Lutherville, MD)

Accepting Applicants
Lutherville Area. We are looking to find an all star experienced Nanny, ready to take on the challenge and joy of infant identical twins. The successful applicant will have proven multiples experience, a detail oriented and structured approach to the day with the understanding and knowledge of the intricacies of multiples and their relationship as they grow and develop. As new parents, this professional couple are looking for guidance and expertise but also someone that respects their need for structure with regard to sleep and feeding routines. Qualities that will describe the best fit include respectful, organized, and nurturing. Your duties will include child related laundry, bottles and meals, straightening areas of the home used throughout the day, planning appropriate age related activities for the twins as they grow and implementing an on-going schedule. On occasion the Mom works from home on a Wednesday and the Father works from home throughout each week at certain times when he is not scheduled in meetings. The home office is separate in the family basement. The children’s Grandparents live close by and will be visiting the twins a few times a week to say hello and see how they are doing and so the Nanny should feel comfortable and respectful of this relationship. A driver with their own car is required. The Nanny will be required to have certain vaccines and there may be some cameras in the home. The role will be from 8am to 5pm Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri with an additional 4 hours or so (flexible) on Weds perhaps from 9am -1pm. The twins are due around middle of Nov and Mom will be returning to work towards the end of Feb 2018. Ideally the Nanny will start in Feb 18 to include a 3-4 week hand over. If the right person came along sooner, the couple would be very happy to employ the Nanny sooner (around the holidays) for 3 days per week going FT at the end of Feb. Salary $17-20/hr subject to experience.

Start date: Part Time Mid Nov or Full Time Feb 2018
Pets: None
Location: Lutherville, MD
Salary: $17-20 per hour pre-tax

NANNY NEEDED (Arnold Area, MD)

Accepting Applicants
Arnold, MD Family looking to find a long term, experienced Nanny for their infant and pre school aged children. For this couple a calming influence and creative approach to work is essential. A perfect match would be a nanny with the skills to balance the equally important needs of the children. Working on a good nap schedule and being respectful of exclusive breastfeeding for their infant is important, while being able to create imaginative play situations and explore new experiences for their older child. Your duties will be child related, such as children’s meals, bottle prep, children’s laundry and straightening areas of the home used by the children, with a strong emphasis on team work and becoming part of the family. This position will be 5 days per week M-F, for 40-45 hours each week. The hours will vary and the nanny will need to be flexible. The earliest start time could be 8am but could also be as late as 11am and the latest finish time could be 7pm, but it could also be as early as 4pm. On Wednesdays the Mom works from home. This family have a cute King Charles Spaniel who just needs to be let into the yard on occasion. A driver with own car, but no driving on the job required. May consider Nanny with own child. Start asap, salary $15-17/hr pre tax.

Start date: Aug 2017
Pets: 1 medium dog
Location: Arnold, MD
Salary: $15-17 per hour pre tax

NANNY NEEDED (Bolton Hill, MD)

Accepting Applicants
Baltimore City, Bolton Hill. Are you an experienced, engaging and highly professional Nanny with experience of caring for either multiples or more than 1 young infant at the same time? If you think you fit the bill, then read on! Family looking for a special Nanny for their identical twins who just turned 1 year old. These twins were born 3 months early and therefore parents are looking for a professional who will have a focus on them reaching their milestones, engaging them in sensory activities and creative play. The successful applicant will show commitment, focus and approach their work with energy and proven experience. The role will be 2 days per week, Thursday and Friday from 7.30-530, driver with own car required.An additional 8 hours per month guaranteed for two date night babysits with notice. Start asap, salary $15-17/hr pre tax.

Start date: asap
Pets: None
Location: Bolton Hill, MD
Salary: $15-17 per hour pre-tax

NANNY NEEDED (Owings Mills, MD)

Accepting Applicants
Owings Mills. Are you a great communicator, enjoy working together with a family as a team, enjoy sharing ideas and having a collaborative approach to your work? This could be the right job for you. We have a family looking to find a loving and nurturing Nanny for their school aged and infant children. Attributes that are most important are the ability to share information, communicate well and being passionate about engaging with the children. Your role will be Mon-Fri from 9am until 4pm with child only related duties. During the school vacation the older child will attend camps but there may be odd days or longer afternoons where care will be for both children. In the main, care will be for the infant. The family like for the children to be engaged in language, music and for the nanny to encourage a love of reading and sensory exploration. Trips may include library visits, enjoying fresh air at the park and also home based play. Mom works from home and so the ideal candidate will be a professional that is comfortable with this set up. There will be minimal driving required with the exception of local activities. Car can be provided for the Nanny to use when required. The family have 2 spaniels, although no care required. Start asap, salary $14-16/hr pre tax.

Start date: asap
Pets: 2 medium dogs
Location: Owings Mills, MD
Salary: $114-16 per hour pre-tax


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