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We are recruiting for temporary backup care nannies in all service areas Monday-Sunday. Hours vary from 7am onwards for half and full day shifts. Jobs will suit both drivers and non-drivers, subject to area and client. The nanny will be caring for children ranging in age from infants to school age either throughout the day or evening. A great opportunity to work around your own schedule.

Start date: ASAP
Salary: $12-$15 per hour pre-tax subject to location of work (Baltimore vs. DC Metro vs. Richmond)

NANNY NEEDED (Whitehall, MD)

Accepting Applicants
Whitehall (15 minutes from Jacksonville) Family looking to find a nanny to love, nurture and embrace their baby born in Jan 17. The family live in a large rural property adjacent to 3 other farms all owned and lived in by other family members. The vast acreage has horses, cows, miniature pigs and is a child’s heaven! The family home is a newly renovated farmhouse with plenty of space for children to enjoy and play. There is already a nanny who cares for their toddler, who spends most of the days out and about on the farm or participating in activities. The family have a small dog and other family members may on occasion bring their dogs into the home. No pet care is required. The ideal nanny will concentrate solely on the new baby, establishing and maintaining sleep and feeding routines, engaging the baby in play as they grow and eventually enjoying external activities such as music classes, play groups and other age appropriate activities. The family would prefer that the baby is engaged and kept on its own schedule rather than having to follow it siblings more active program of activities. The role will be Mon-Fri and the hours can be negotiated for the right person with the minimum being 40, but if the right person wanted more hours up to around 50 hours per week this could be accommodated. Start times are flexible but 7.30/8 until 5.30/6 give any applicants a good idea of what could work. During some winter mths the family may travel and stay in Wellington FL and they would love for the nanny to join them (not essential). Father works out of the home, but Mother works either out of the home, in her home office (in another building on the property) or will be around and working alongside nanny other times. Attributes that the family are looking to find are patience, kindness, attention to detail and a willingness to share knowledge and expertise. Driver required but nanny car provided for work related duties. Start asap, salary $15-18/hr pre tax.

Start date: ASAP
Pets: 1 Dog, horses, cows, pigs on the farm
Location: Whitehall, MD
Salary: $15-18 per hour pre-tax

NANNY NEEDED (Bolton Hill, MD)

Accepting Applicants
Baltimore City, Bolton Hill. Are you an experienced, engaging and highly professional Nanny with experience of caring for either multiples or more than 1 young infant at the same time? If you think you fit the bill, then read on! Family looking for a special Nanny for their identical twins who just turned 1 year old. These twins were born 3 months early and therefore parents are looking for a professional who will have a focus on them reaching their milestones, engaging them in sensory activities and creative play. The successful applicant will show commitment, focus and approach their work with energy and proven experience. The role will be 2 days per week, Thursday and Friday from 7.30-530, driver with own car required. An additional 8 hours per month guaranteed for two date night babysits with notice. Start asap, salary $15-17/hr pre tax.

Start date: Sept 2017
Location: Baltimore City
Salary: $15-17/hr pre tax

NANNY NEEDED (Fells Point area, MD)

Accepting Applicants
Fells Point, Baltimore. Adorable bundle of joy is looking to find a child centered, experienced nanny to engage, enjoy and embrace them! This couple are looking to find a relaxed, experienced professional caregiver for their first baby. This role will be Tues, Weds and Fridays from 7.30am – 5.30pm with occasional additional days. Your role will be child related duties such as setting a feeding and sleeping schedule, creating sensory experiences and engaging the infant by communication and sounds. The family encourage the Nanny to use the amenities in their apartment building such as a small heated splash pool, recreation area, common areas, courtyard and to walk out side of the building along the harbor side promenade and and utilize local amenities such as neighborhood shops and the play areas. The infants laundry and meals can be prepared during nap times and no additional duties are required. There is a possibility that the family may move location in 1 year, although still unknown at this stage. The family have 2 house cats but no care required. Father works from home on occasion. Non driver considered but transportation is limited to the family home, parking available for a driver with own car. Start beg Aug, salary $15-17/hr pre tax.

Start date: ASAP
Pets: 2 house cats
Location: Bolton Hill Area, MD
Salary: $15-17/hr pre tax

NANNY NEEDED (Arnold Area, MD)

Accepting Applicants
Arnold, MD Family looking to find a long term, experienced Nanny for their infant and pre school aged children. For this couple a calming influence and creative approach to work is essential. A perfect match would be a nanny with the skills to balance the equally important needs of the children. Working on a good nap schedule and being respectful of exclusive breastfeeding for their infant is important, while being able to create imaginative play situations and explore new experiences for their older child. Your duties will be child related, such as children’s meals, bottle prep, children’s laundry and straightening areas of the home used by the children, with a strong emphasis on team work and becoming part of the family. This position will be 5 days per week M-F, for 40-45 hours each week. The hours will vary and the nanny will need to be flexible. The earliest start time could be 8am but could also be as late as 11am and the latest finish time could be 7pm, but it could also be as early as 4pm. On Wednesdays the Mom works from home. This family have a cute King Charles Spaniel who just needs to be let into the yard on occasion. A driver with own car, but no driving on the job required. May consider Nanny with own child. Start asap, salary $15-17/hr pre tax.
Start date: Aug 2017
Pets: 1 medium dog
Location: Arnold, MD
Salary: $15-17/hr pre tax

NANNY NEEDED (Arlington, VA)

Accepting Applicants
Arlington, VA, This family are looking to find a professional, organized, structured House Manager to join their family team. The role will be a guaranteed 40 hours per week Mon-Fri. Typical hours will be from 10am-6pm with flexibility for an occasional 8am-4pm (with notice). The family usually require 1 later evening each week when they attend a work function or dinner. The role is to manage the household and take the reins in the parents absence. Duties will include, family errands, family grocery shopping, family laundry, warming children’s meals (not cooking), straightening the house, loading/unloading dishwasher and generally taking the initiative to keep the household running smoothly and maintaining its tidiness and organization. For the next year the youngest child will attend a year round program at First Baptist Child Development Center from 8-3.30pm and so the Nanny/House Manager will be required to collect them in the afternoon, 1 mile from the family home. The older child takes the bus to Taylor Elementary School and will be met by the Nanny/House Manager at 4pm from the bus stop. Throughout the schools Summer vacation, they will need to be taken and dropped at various camps within a 5 mile radius. During the year the children attend after school sports on some evenings and so the Nanny/House Manager will be responsible for driving to these local pursuits. This role require discipline, organization, an attention to detail, someone forward thinking and able to take the initiative without being micro managed. A great opportunity for someone who likes to plan, organize and keep busy. Family have 2 cats. Start asap, driver with own car required, salary $20-22/hr, paid vacation and mileage reimbursement.

Start date: asap 2017
Pets: 2 cats
Location: Arlington, VA
Salary: $20-22/hr

NANNY NEEDED (Lutherville,MD)

Accepting Applicants
Lutherville area. Part time Nanny required for school aged child and new born due in June 2017. This family are looking to find an energetic, self starter who is a confident, open and honest communicator. The role is guaranteed 25 hours either Mon-Fri, 11.30am – 4.30pm or flexibility to work 25 hours over 4 days for the right person. Duties will include children’s laundry, bottle prep and meal prep for the older child. You will be responsible for creating engaging activities and enjoying the outdoors with the children. Driver required,nanny car available for use at work and for daily 3pm collection of older child attending Bridges Montessori (Providence Road). Applicants must feel comfortable that Mom works from home in self contained office (something new for Mom who has always worked out of the home) and the family have 3 cats. May suit applicant with own child subject to age and salary requirement. Start mid Sept 2017, paid vacation, salary $15-16/hr pre tax.

Start date: Sept 2017
Pets: 3 cats
Location: Lutherville, MD
Salary: $15-16/hr pre tax


Accepting Applicants
nanny Fallston, Family looking to find a very special Nanny for their very special son. The successful nanny will be looking for a long term position and want to become a major part of their support network. The role will be afternoons Tues – Sat (Sat ideally but could be 4 days for the right person). A little about the boy……he is aged 11 years and was born with Downs Syndrome, but the size and has cognitive capabilities of a 5-6 year old. This little boy is non-verbal and entirely tube fed. He is a child who is socially engaging,communicates very successfully using his Ipad LAMP program and some of his own signs. His feeding and hydration is done entirely through a pump and is very well managed and can be done on the move and the child does not create any resistance. The family describe the procedures as “easy when you know how” and will provide significant guidance and training prior to leaving the nanny to carry out the procedure. The nanny does not need prior experience but must be confident and capable. The child is physically capable and enjoys horse riding on his own, he needs some assistance in the pool but loves the water, he plays basketball and baseball and has a very sociable and active lifestyle. This little boy has a big and loveable personality but can be stubborn. Regarding his potty training he needs a reminder to use the bathroom and will have some accidents (his parents feel that with consistent training this could be improved). The family have a service labradoodle who is in training to become the child’s companion dog and sleeping companion. The right nanny will be love dogs, not mind getting down and dirty playing and will embrace the dog as such a huge part of the child’s life. This little boy loves to visit the zoo and the park, he loves to people watch in Starbucks and loves to meet new people, asking his parents each morning “who is coming today!”. Mornings he attends Trellis School and the nanny will be required to collect him at 2.30pm each day except Weds when he needs collecting at 12.30pm. For most days he is then driven home for a feed and to play/relax after his busy morning. On Mondays and Thursday afternoons the nanny will take him for his horse riding lessons. The successful applicant should be confident and not phased, love to interact and be engaging, be interested in the developments of this child and become an integral part of the family. The nanny’s schedule would be Monday off, Tuesdays 2:30-9:00, Weds 12:30-5:30, Thurs 2:30-9:00, Fri 2:30-9:30, sat times are flexible but another 5 hours for example 5:00-9:00 Sat nanny could be a separate or the same person but should be consistent), total 30 hours to include Saturdays. The role is mainly the care of and engagement with the little boy. If time allows doing his laundry but the family are not making this a requirement. There will be lots of support and guidance from these great parents. Driver with own car required, paid vacation, mileage reimbursement and start asap. Salary $16-20/hr pre tax for the right person. For the right person this will be a wonderful opportunity to make a difference and an incredibly rewarding job.

Start date: asap 2017
Pets: 1 service dog labradoodle
Location: Fallston, MD
Salary: $16-20 per hour pre-tax


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