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We are recruiting for temporary backup care nannies in all service areas Monday-Sunday. Hours vary from 7am onwards for half and full day shifts. Jobs will suit both drivers and non-drivers, subject to area and client. The nanny will be caring for children ranging in age from infants to school age either throughout the day or evening. A great opportunity to work around your own schedule.
We are especially looking to increase our pool of caregivers in the DC and surrounding areas.

Start date: ASAP
Salary: $12-$15 per hour pre-tax subject to location of work (Baltimore vs. DC Metro vs. Richmond)

NANNY NEEDED (Towson/Rogers Forge area, MD)

Accepting Applicants
Rogers Forge/Towson area. Two lovely little boys who enjoy the outdoors and music are looking to find their perfect Nanny! This family are looking to find an energetic and engaging Nanny with a structured approach to their day for their infant and pre schooler. Your schedule will be 7am – 5pm Monday -Friday with a little flexibility required. The Nanny will take the oldest child to Dulaney Day School Tuesdays and Thursday mornings at 9am and collect at noon. The school is less than a mile from the family home and so walking is an option. Your duties will include scheduling the children’s week to include library trips; park visits; playdates; nature walks; creative play and music classes, together with managing the children’s meal prep and laundry; straightening areas of the home used by the children and Nanny as well as loading/unloading dishwasher as needed through out the day. Mom is a Resident and at times will be home but will work with the Nanny to minimize difficulties such as running errands out of the home. A driver with their own car is required, start Dec or Jan (flexible), salary $14-16/hr pre tax to include overtime. Super job, super family!

Start date: Jan 2018
Pets: No
Location: Towson/Rogers Forge, MD
Salary: $14-16 per hour pre tax


Accepting Applicants
Towson Area. Professional, fun loving couple looking to find an experienced, reliable and flexible Nanny to care for their infant born in May 2017. The typical schedule will be around 40 regular hours M-F from approx 10-6pm, with a little flexibility for overtime scheduled in advance when the couple need to attend networking functions in the evening until around 10pm. As Political Strategists for the Democrats their schedule will require from the Nanny, a degree of flexibility at certain times of the year such as Jan, Jun and Nov where hours may be later (with notice). For the right person, the job will create itself and the flexibility will be reciprocated.
Qualities that this family are looking to find, are a great sense of humor, describing their house hold as full of laughs and silly jokes, reliability, complete trustworthiness and the ability to feel comfortable communicating. The successful applicant will want to become part of their family team.
Your duties will include child’s laundry, bottle prep, child’s meals, straightening the areas of the home used by the Nanny/child and light vacuuming in the home when time allows. Occasional family errands such as a “Target Run” for milk would also be helpful. The couple are realistic that there may be some times when all their requested duties are not able to be fulfilled but also times where taking on some additional tasks may fit well into the schedule.
The family own 2 mutts who are thought to be pit bull mixes, they usually operate a crate and rotate system whereby one of them is crated while the other has free roam and then they swtich. The family have owned the dogs for 8 years and they are extremely friendly and good around the infant. The Nanny will feel comfortable letting them out on a lead in the back yard.
The infant is currently feeding and sleeping on demand but the parents are open to setting a more structured schedule and for the sharing of knowledge regarding the best approach to the routines. Start asap, driver with own car required, salary $14-16.50/hr pre tax, subject to agreed hours and experience.

Start date: Dec 2017
Pets: 2 large dogs
Location: Towson, MD
Salary: $14-16 per hour pre-tax

NANNY NEEDED (Federal Hill, MD)

Accepting Applicants
Federal Hill. Family looking to find an energetic, engaging and nurturing nanny for their infant born July 2017. The successful applicant will genuinely love engaging with their infant, exposing them to music, learning and introducing them to other sensory experiences. Duties will include all child’s laundry, bottle prep and meal prep (as and when), straightening areas of the home used by the Nanny and infant in addition to scheduling a varied program of other age appropriate activities. The family have 3 major parks within walking distance from their home, together with shops and museums and would like for the Nanny to utilize these local amenities. The neighborhood is family friendly with many opportunities to meet other Nannies. The family have a no shoes approach at home and cleanliness (frequent hand washing) is important to them, a Nanny should feel comfortable working within these parameters. The schedule will be Mon-Fri 8.30 am-4.30 pm, with an occasional Friday afternoon off.The father does work from home a few days each week and has a self contained office in the basement. Driver with own car required, may consider Nanny with own child, start asap, salary $14-17/hr pre tax subject to experience.

Start date: ASAP
Pets: No
Location: Federal Hill, MD
Salary: $14-17 per hour pre tax

NANNY NEEDED (Severna Park Area, MD)

Accepting Applicants
Severna Park, MD. Family looking to find a warm, loving and kind-hearted Nanny for their infant and toddler. The schedule will be Monday – Friday from 8am until 5pm. Your duties will be child related to include taking the children on outings, scheduling home based play (reading with the children is very important the the family, together with limited TV time), bottles and meal prep and when time allows the children’s laundry. The successful applicant will have a high energy approach to their work and be able to manage the demands of an active toddler and infant, being able to show organization and patience. You will have proven infant experience. The outdoors and being active is also important to the family. The family have Grandparents in the area and the Nanny should be comfortable with an occasional visit. Mom works from home but will be in a self contained office with limited interaction with the children. A great family and a great job! Start mid Dec, car provided, salary $15-18/hr pre tax.

Start date: Mid Dec 2017
Pets: No
Location: Severna Park, MD
Salary: $15-18 per hour pre tax

NANNY NEEDED (Owings Mills, MD)

Accepting Applicants
Owings Mills. Are you a great communicator, enjoy working together with a family as a team, enjoy sharing ideas and having a collaborative approach to your work? This could be the right job for you. We have a family looking to find a loving and nurturing Nanny for their school aged and infant children. Attributes that are most important are the ability to share information, communicate well and being passionate about engaging with the children. Your role will be Mon-Fri from 9am until 4pm with child only related duties. During the school vacation the older child will attend camps but there may be odd days or longer afternoons where care will be for both children. In the main, care will be for the infant. The family like for the children to be engaged in language, music and for the nanny to encourage a love of reading and sensory exploration. Trips may include library visits, enjoying fresh air at the park and also home based play. Mom works from home and so the ideal candidate will be a professional that is comfortable with this set up. There will be minimal driving required with the exception of local activities. Car can be provided for the Nanny to use when required. The family have 2 spaniels, although no care required. Start asap, salary $14-16/hr pre tax.

Start date: asap
Pets: 2 medium dogs
Location: Owings Mills, MD
Salary: $14-16 per hour pre-tax


For all nannies who have previously registered with The Nanny Network, please e-mail ourĀ Director of Permanent Placements, Clare Riley, and indicate which current job opening interests you.


We’re pleased to now offer two ways to submit your application to us! You can instantly submit your application to us online (preferred) or you can download a printable application and mail or fax it to our office. Following your application submission, please e-mail ourĀ Director of Permanent Placements, Clare Riley, and indicate which current job opening interests you.

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