For Nannies:  Why Choose Us?

For Nannies: Why Choose Us?


The Nanny Network is an accredited APNA agency with a track record of more than 20 years in the nanny placement business. We have a solid reputation as a leader in our industry, both with nannies and parents alike. We are a team of caring business women, focused on building relationships and earning trust, one of our core values. We’re a connection to great families, over an expanding geographic area, with the ability to address a wide variety of needs and preferences.

We Know Your Worth

If you came to us, it’s because you already have great childcare experience. We understand your value and what you bring to the table for a potential employer. We spend a great deal of time sharing resources and speaking with parents to educate them about fair pay, hours, benefits and reasonable working conditions.

During the hiring process, we recognize that our job is to play an important role, not in just connecting you to any family, but in linking you to the right family for you. We’re interested in your strengths and in what the “perfect day on the job” looks like to you. Do you especially love working with babies? Do you enjoy household organization and management? Are you unable to have a flexible schedule if a parent needs to work late? Do you enjoy being involved in carpools, sports practices and school projects for older children? These are just examples of all the questions we’ll uncover together to make sure that when we match you to a new family, it’s a great fit all around with reasonable expectations that play to your strong points.

Many Opportunities

There are varied prospects here at The Nanny Network and many of them can change with you if your lifestyle or job needs change over the years. For example, many candidates enjoy working for our vast daily temporary placement service while interviewing for permanent placements. This way, you can begin earning income immediately after the screening process is complete. In addition, you’ll have instant access to our online job placement system and app so that you can begin looking for jobs within a week or two of your interview. We also offer a direct deposit payment system for temp nannies as well as a “referral bonus” for any other qualified nannies you send our way. Finally, there is never a fee for you to interview or work with our agency.

Staying involved

Even after you are hired, as a temporary or permanent nanny, we’re here to answer questions that come up along the way and to help if any issues arise. Our relationship with you is ongoing, just as it is for the parents we work with as well.