Temporary Care—How is it Different?

Summer break is coming up soon, your regular caregiver is going on vacation or needs time off or you’re suddenly stuck in a difficult position without child care. What’s temporary care at The Nanny Network all about and how does it work?

Temporary vs. Permanent Nannies

The quality and screening practices of our temp nannies is no different than our permanent candidates. Prior to you needing them, we have interviewed them, checked their references and run a background check. We are equipped with professional, experienced caregivers each and every day who are available to help at the last minute when you’re in a pinch. Our back-up care team is available starting at 7 am on weekdays to arrange a great candidate that matches up with your needs and be in solid communication with you about the process along the way. Verified references, a background check, a face to face interview and our temp nanny training mean that you can have peace of mind that an experienced, safe and dependable caregiver will be arriving at your door.

Staffing specialists Kendra and Katrina explain, “we’re going to work hard to guarantee that we will present you with a nanny who will do the job well”.

Examples of some nanny profiles within our temp pool include teachers, nurses, social workers, college students, graduate students, and of course, career nannies.

First steps

In order to utilize our temp service, you’ll need to complete a parent application on our website. You’ll be asked whether you want to register as a member (most common) or non-member (appropriate for a rare one-off day or a hotel visitor). Booking fees are then determined and discounted for members based on a 12-month membership.

How does it work?

We’re equipped with a staff to handle all of your last minute or upcoming temporary needs. Know that you’ll need care for a few weeks coming up next month? No problem. Calling us the day before because your nanny has come down with the flu? Also not a problem. We’re a proven agency here to help you find the care you need.

Once we book a caregiver for you, a temp nanny profile will be emailed to you. Your nanny will then reach out by phone to introduce herself and address any of your questions, concerns, or other important details prior to coming to the job.

What can we expect from the person who comes to our home?

Nannies are expected to be professional. They hit the ground running and quickly assess the environment as they are stepping in. They are used to dealing with separation anxiety, so they’re going to go out of their way to make your child(ren) feel immediately comfortable. You can expect that your child has engaged in supervised play at all times that day and without the use of any technology time, unless as parents, you have given permission for this.When you get home, you will receive a detailed account about your child’s day.

Can we meet the nanny first?

Because temporary care is faster moving than permanent placements, families don’t generally have the time or ability to interview temporary candidates in advance. However, if you need longer temporary arrangements, a summer or vacation nanny, for example, and would like to meet the individual first, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Your comfort and peace of mind are everything when entrusting your children to our care.