Julia’s Journey to The Nanny Network

Julia’s Journey to The Nanny Network

My journey with The Nanny Network + Sidekick began unexpectedly last July when I found myself seated beside Dulany Reeves Dent, the visionary founder and CEO, at an airport. As fate would have it, our conversation, which kicked off with excitement in sharing about our children and parenting woes, delved into her company, and I was deeply inspired by Dulany’s commitment to empowering women, bridging the gender wage gap, and supporting working families. Her intentional decision to buy the company to pursue this mission left me eager to join her team and contribute to this important work.

In my role as the Chief Communications Officer and Board Member of The Nanny Network, I am privileged to merge my experiences as a mother, entrepreneur, and advocate for societal progress. My decision to join this venture was driven by a profound belief in the importance of accessible childcare options- and the opportunity to collaborate with Dulany! I am committed to strategically elevating The Nanny Network’s brand through targeted marketing, public relations, and awareness initiatives. My journey to this position was a natural progression, having personally relied on nannies while pursuing an international career. Through firsthand experience, I understand the transformative impact of quality childcare, crucial in supporting families as they navigate the delicate balance between work and home life. The Nanny Network’s mission to provide dependable childcare and household solutions perfectly aligns with my vision of fostering a culture of support and empowerment.

Dulany’s unwavering commitment to supporting working families and eliminating the gender wage gap serves as a profound source of inspiration for me. She even wrote her college thesis, majoring in Economics, on the topic and will often passionately reel off stats about the topic. She wears many hats gracefully- entrepreneur, philanthropist, mother, wife, and is the epitome of a woman in leadership. Even her taste in literature is noteworthy; her recommendation of The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates, my new favorite book that deeply resonated with her, serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for the company’s mission.

I am honored to contribute to the mission of effecting positive change through quality child care. By amplifying our impact and reaching a broader audience, we can provide more families with the resources they need to thrive while also offering companies valuable options to support their employees.

Interested in connecting with me about my role with The Nanny Network? Email me at julia@nanny-network.com.