For Nannies: Becoming the Strongest Candidate Possible

For Nannies: Becoming the Strongest Candidate Possible

If you’re a working nanny, you likely have years of great childcare experience and references already. Have you ever wondered how to continue to set your skills apart in the industry and receive the best possible personal references going forward?

Communication Skills

Parents are relying on you to discuss changes and issues, both positive and negative, about their children. Doing so in a calm, rational, informative manner will instill the respect of the family you work for. In addition, many times you’ll be representing the family as you interact with teachers, coaches, friends and relatives. An essential job function is being able to pleasantly and inquisitively speak to others with a desire to inform the parents.

In regards to the children, taking a genuine interest in what the children are curious about, whether it means being able to discuss the eating habits of butterflies or the latest version of Minecraft, shows that you desire to really connect.


Trust isn’t given, it’s earned. One of the most assured ways of gaining that is by showing your employer that they can count on you for the hours you’ve been hired. Coming in every day, on time, and ready to enthusiastically work ensures the parents that you are responsible, dependable and have a high work ethic.

Flexibility & Learning

Families seek adaptable team players who can roll with the punches of changing work conditions and expectations. As a result, you’ll want to constantly ask yourself if there are different ways that you can change up “the way I’ve always done things” and adjust. In the same way that we suggest parents may learn new techniques from the professionals they’ve hired, we would propose you be open-minded about doing the same. Responsibilities are constantly evolving, and willingness to continue to educate and question your techniques is paramount. In this way, you’ll show your families that you are a passionate life-long learner devoted to the best practices for your charges.

Be Proactive

We personally speak with hundreds of referrals each year. Parents occasionally follow up a compliment about a reliable nanny with the statement that despite this their nanny wasn’t proactive about finding activities for the children, taking care of problems if they arose and being able to tackle multiple priorities. For example, many parents don’t like having to micromanage a daily activity schedule. The more that you can willingly offer creative ideas and solutions ongoing, the more that your parents will feel that you are fully invested. Go out of your way to stretch beyond “just taking great care of the children” and take the initiative to resourcefully engage without being asked to do so. This could mean anything from simple, homemade arts and crafts at home to finding out the free storytime hour at the nearby library. Time and again, parents who give the highest ratings mention the thoughtful activities, either in or out of the home, that nannies proactively organized for the children.